Traditional Dock and Pontoon Ladders
Available in three lengths to fit your every dock/pontoon ladder need.
When selecting a ladder, consider the depth beneath the dock or pontoon deck.
  • Satin finished anodized aluminum
    No black marks on hands or cloths from untreated aluminum
  • 1” .072 “fluted” aluminum stock
    The strongest ladder available, “fluted” aluminum helps hide scratches
  • Steps are big-wide 5” x 16”, embossed non-skid aluminum
    Wider-deeper steps are easy on the swimmers feet
    Embossed treads on the steps help fight algae
  • Double bar for strength at major stress point
    The deck cross brace takes the weight of larger swimmers.
    Two 1” bars welded together reinforce this stress point
  • Rated for up to #400
    These are big-strong ladders great for the heaviest swimmer
  • All hardware and mounting kits are stainless steel
    No rusty bolts in two years
  • Ladders extend out from the dock/pontoon at an angle
    Ladders that extend away from the dock are easier to climb
  • Mounts with a ladder attachment kit (LAK) (included)
    L.A.K.’s let you use the ladder or the dock or pontoon.
    You can drill thru the frame for a permanent mount on a dock
Traditional 3-5 step dock pontoon ladder
Select additional LAK’s or Heavy Duty Mount below using the drop down menu below.

Heavy Duty Mount for OUR dock ladders

 There are installations where mounting the footman loops may present a problem or in commercial applications where you want a stronger mount.
Our optional heavy duty dock ladder mounting bracket can be used instead of footman loops. Galvanized steel with heavy steel welded pins will
provide years of use. Camps, commercial docks, etc. will benefit from the stronger mounting bracket. Low profile with rounded design,
helps prevent damage to bare feet. In some applications, it’s easier to mount the heavy duty bracket than footman loops, where you can’t reach
beneath to tighten nuts on bolts. The heavy duty mount is ideal for aluminum docks to help spread the load.

Heavy Duty Dock or Pontoon Ladder Mount

With the purchase of a new dock ladder on checkout (choose the option from the drop down below)
you will be offered this mount at this special price.

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3 Step $109 4 Step $126 5 Step $159
Extends 35" below the dock/deck
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Extends 46" below the dock/deck
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Extends 56" below the dock/deck
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These types of fixed frame ladders were the original pontoon ladders. In some cases, the old way is still the best. Mounted on the front deck of a pontoon, this type of ladder is generally the easiest ladder for bigger people to climb. The young woman to the right could climb any of our pontoon ladders but the strength of this ladder makes it safe for all swimmers. Another benefit is if you have only occasional swimmers, this ladder can do double duty on a dock. pontoon ladder
pontoon ladder support bar
Double 1” top bar support.
Handles the stress of the heaviest swimmer.
non skid pontoon ladder step
5” deep x 16” wide embossed non-skid surface.
The biggest, widest, deepest step available.

Traditional Dock or Pontoon Ladder Storage on Pontoon Boats
Pontoon Ladder Storage The traditional dock or pontoon ladder can take up a lot of space when not in use. Stored out on the front deck is a good place. But a big wave can send your pontoon ladder into the water. Our optional storage clips allow you to secure your ladder almost anywhere. 
Plastic clips bolt to the rail.
They hold your ladder securely up out of the way.
pontoon ladder storage 
dock ladder storage clip  Pontoon Ladder Storage Clip 
pontoon ladder  pontoon boat ladder
Bought with a NEW LADDER $6.50
Kit Includes
2-Plastic storage clips for 1" or 1 1/4" frame
2-Stainless steel 1- 3/4" bolts, washers & nuts

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pontoon ladder storage clips 

What you need to know about Dock and Pontoon Ladders
Generally speaking, you will want at least 24” of ladder in the water to make it easy for the swimmer to climb a pontoon or dock ladder. Smaller-younger swimmers require less ladder in the water than larger-older swimmers.

DOCK - Consider the depth of your dock off the top of the lake. Most docks are generally about 18” off the lake.
PONTOONS - Consider the size of your pontoons and the rise of the tubes. Tubes vary from 19” to 25”.

Children and Adults - Children can climb out of the water on a ladder that's barely in the water. Adults, especially older adults with reduced upper body strength, sometimes need more dock or pontoon ladder in the water. Although, I saw an elderly woman climb out of 6’ of water in a swimming pool almost effortlessly. The ladder only had 2 steps (about 24”) in the water. A deeper ladder might have been a bit easier but she had no difficulty with only 24”.

Shallow Water - Buying a longer dock ladder that you need doesn’t usually present a problem. But, in shallow water, too long a dock ladder might hit bottom.